Learning to Shoot Film – Brady Street

I’ve been shooting photos digitally since the early 2000’s. My only experience with film before now was through disposable cameras. I loved shooting with those cheap plastic boxes, but didn’t like the lack of control that came with them. So, from my first 2.1 megapixel point-and-shoot camera, to the full frame DSLR I use today, I’ve mostly created images using bits and bytes instead of film and chemicals.

That’s going to change.

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Be Photographed for Your Family, and Yourself

Technology has made photography more accessible. More of our moments are being captured, uploaded and shared instantly, but they’re being forgotten just as quickly.

When was the last time you documented you, as you exist in this moment?

Getting professionally photographed, and having those photos printed, is a powerful experience. It’s a celebration of all your accomplishments to-date, and will serve as a reminder of who you were in this moment for decades into the future.

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Turning 30 and Why You Should Celebrate

I’m turning 30 this month.

It’s funny how something you can see a mile away can still take you by surprise.

When you’re in your 20s, everyone tells you to enjoy them, because they are the best days of your life. Granted, people said the same thing about high school and those days were anything but grand.

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