Why You Need a Professional Headshot

If you’re on LinkedIn, you already know people who need to have their headshot taken by a professional. Look at your LinkedIn feed right now. How many folks are using a cropped family picture or a selfie?

Spoiler alert: Way too many. You might even be guilty yourself.

Your LinkedIn account is often your first impression with a hiring agent. Therefore, it is imperative to put your best foot forward. Your job description may say “Digital Entrepreneur,” or “Small Business Owner,” but the beanie and sunglasses you’re wearing say otherwise.

Imagine walking in to an interview looking like that. You would stand out – but not in a good way.

Those pictures may be fine on your personal Facebook page, but you’re on LinkedIn for an entirely different reason. Same is true for your business Facebook and Twitter accounts. You’re there to make an impression.

Show that you are trustworthy, competent and someone worth doing business with. Invest in having your headshot taken by a professional.

The Difference Made by a Professional Headshot Photographer

High quality cameras are everywhere these days, so you might think there is no need to see a professional for your headshot. But just as owning an expensive oven doesn’t automatically make you a great chef, having a powerful camera does not mean you’re capable of taking the best shots.

It takes years of practice and study to master the elements of a great photo. From angles and composition, to lighting and lens distortion, professional photographers have the knowledge and skills it takes to make you look your best.

We’ll also make sure not to do you wrong. Rather than snapping a shot and saying “Looks great!” (when it really doesn’t), a professional will invest the time and energy in capturing you at your best.

So whether you’re a CEO, small business owner, entrepreneur or professional looking to get hired, make it your mission this year to gain an edge over your competition by having your headshot taken by a professional.

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