What You Should Bring to Your Photo Shoot



Signing up for your photo shoot can be overwhelming, and you might not yet be thinking about what you should bring with you when you get your portrait taken. This article will give you some practical advice based on experiences I’ve seen or heard clients encounter. I will keep this page updated as time goes on, so check back for even more tips on the best things to bring with you to your photo shoot.

  1. Lint Brush
    There will inevitably be a time when you are covered in pet fur, lint, stray hairs, or other small objects before, during, or even after your shoot. While you might not notice them, the camera will pick up every speck. Lint brushes are an inexpensive, surefire way to remedy this issue. Bring one with you to avoid having to deal with longer retouching times or fees.
  2. Solid Color Clothing
    I love stripes, patterns, and complex clothing. But the camera has a tendency to hate them. Clothes with too much going on make it very difficult to find suitable backgrounds unless you’re standing in front of a plain white backdrop – and sometimes even then. They also take attention away from you and put them all on the article you’re wearing. Solid, non-neon colors tend to photograph the best, so be sure to bring a variety with you even if you were really sold on that holiday sweater look.
  3. Form Fitting Clothing
    We all have a favorite piece of clothing that’s just a bit too big for us. And while it might feel comfortable to wear, it will make you look like you’ve gained about 30 pounds in your portraits. It’s sometimes possible to do a little Photoshop magic and tweak in around certain areas of the body, but that’s much easier to do when you’re wearing clothing that fits, and not something that flies loose. Remember, form fitting doesn’t mean too tight, and it doesn’t mean too loose. Be a little Goldilocksy with your clothing choices until they fit just right.
  4. Clothing You’re Familiar With
    Brand new clothes are great, but not to try out on the day of your portrait shoot. You want to feel cool, comfortable, and confident, so make sure the outfits you have fit you properly. Give them a test run around town so you’ll know exactly how you’ll feel from every angle, and while sitting down.
  5. A Week-Old Haircut
    Ever get a haircut you weren’t 100% excited about? Me too. Ever have a photo shoot or event to go to the next day?  Yeah, it’s not a position I would want anyone to stumble in to. That’s why I recommend you give yourself at least a week or two between the time you have your hair cut and the day of your photo shoot. You’ll still be looking fresh, and you’ll have enough time to remedy any salon-caused crises.
  6. Snacks
    Ever get hungry during an important meeting and been embarrassed by the rumbling in your tummy? How about that lightheaded and dizzy feeling when you were put on the spot? Let’s keep that from happening to you on the day of your photo shoot. I’m always excited when a client brings their own snacks and takes a quick break to refresh themselves. I’m excited because I know it will help them feel their best, so we can get the best possible images from our time together.

What are some things you or your clients always bring to your photo shoots? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash