Impromptu Fashion Photo Shoot at a Lake Michigan Beach

A chance outreach by Elizabeth resulted in these shots last week. We were both working near a popular beach along Lake Michigan, and the weather in Wisconsin was shockingly hot for May (a scorching 70 degrees!). It was the perfect excuse to snap a few portraits.

For this shoot, I revisited my Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens, which has gone mostly unused since I upgraded to a full frame camera. Having become mindful of lens distortion, I’ve favored my 85mm to create a more natural look in my subjects. But I’ve missed this lens, and I’ve wanted to use it creatively for a while now. By shooting up close, I was able to elongate Elizabeth’s features. I had her reach toward the camera to add even more drama to the shots.


The cliffside beach setting allowed us to benefit from golden hour a little earlier than expected. We got some nice shots just by having Elizabeth spin around in her dress. A little movement goes a long way when you're looking to capture interesting photos!



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